from the wife...

As the wife of a tow truck driver, I have many prayers that I pray for my husband.  Each time the phone rings, part of my heart goes with it, knowing how dangerous each call can be, but also knowing what a blessing my husband can be to each person he encounters.  

Prayers each time we sit down for dinner, that he will get to enjoy it with us, rather than eating it cold or on the run.

Praying that he will take a couple days off to spend time with his family, rather than feeling guilty because he has to tell someone no.  He puts his whole heart into his business, like most do, and he truly hates to have to turn someone away.  

Each time he has to stop in the middle of traffic flow, praying people will have enough respect for all the emergency crew to SLOW down or Stop so they can not only help those in need but also return safely to their family that is waiting for them.  It only takes a moment to Slow down and be alert of your surroundings to stop another accident. 

So please know that we are entirely grateful for your support and trust in Wright's Towing, and we hope that we are a little light to your problem or need!