First Day

While Miss B and Kloey had their own personal reasons for being excited for this first day of school of 2018, I was filled with mixed emotions.  Miss B was excited to get back and see her friends and teachers.  Kloey was excited because she was able to drive herself to school for the first time! (We can all remember how cool that was at that age ;)) Myself, I was excited to take Brookelynn to school for the first time; fixing them both breakfast; praying with them before they headed out without the stress of having to have myself ready too.  BUT... once I hit the school and saw all the students and teachers with their fresh new school year smile, my heart melted and I was taken back to why I loved teaching in the first place.  The Students, the first day of school was my favorite because we welcomed those sweet tan faces back and they were so excited to see us after being away all summer.  I didnt get all those hugs and smiles I have gotten the past ten years, I wasnt running around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure everything was in order and done before the day ended.  I wasnt hanging around until the last bus called making sure all students got home safely.  Then God reminded me, I've got YOU!  You are exactly where I called you to be in this season.  

While I was focusing on everything I was missing... I soon looked over at my husband, who has supported me in EVERY adventure I have ever ventured on.  This is his season, I am now the one who is to be his support.  He is fullfilling a dream he has had for many years before stepping out in faith and putting it into action.  He makes me so proud each time I see him load and unload a vehicle, knowing he is doing what he loves and bringing comfort to those in a stressful situation.  

So today, I was able to see my girls off to school, make them breakfast, ride with David to Louisville, be home in time to get Brookelynn off the bus and listen to her share her excitement of her first day, and be the wife and mother, God called me to be 19 years ago, but was too busy and focused on myself to hear! 

My words of advice... SLOW DOWN, ENJOY each and every moment you have, because they go by way to fast!!